Tourist Sign at BTM



Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum tours highlight the history of the collection and the museum, explain how pieces were acquired and feature a glimpse of The Buffalo Filling Station by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Reservations and a deposit are required to book a guided group tour with a minimum of 30 people required. $25 per person. 

Occasionally, open to the public tours are held.  Below are dates of upcoming tours you can join.  Call to reserve.  716-853-0084.

Call to join a special tour of the museum and the 1927 Buffalo Fillling Station
by Frank Lloyd Wright scheduled for 10 am on the following 2018 dates:

Fri May 25th, Fri June 29th,  Sat July 14th,
Fri July 27th, Fri August 10th,  Sat August 25th,
Fri  September 7th,  Sat  September 15th, Fri  September 21st,
Sat October 6th, Fri October 19th,  Sat October 27th